Payment can be made by either cash or via your Medical Aid Scheme.


Cash payments


In the case of cash payments, I offer a reduced cash rate option for clients who do not have/or intend to draw on a Medical Aid Scheme.

If you are using this option you will need to ensure that payment is settled in cash at each consultation or prior to each consultation by EFT or bank deposit.


Note: I do not have a debit card facility.


Medical Aid Scheme payments


In the case where you are using your Medical Aid Scheme, a claim will be submitted on your behalf. 

Please note however, should a claim be declined by your Scheme, it will be your responsibility to settle the costs yourself. It is therefore advisable, if using this option, for you to check with your Scheme prior to making a booking that you have adequate funds available to you for the services of a psychologist.

Note about Medical Aid Scheme claims and ICD-10 codes: With regard to Medical Aid Scheme claims, a diagnostic (ICD-10) code is required before a Scheme will pay out and this code will need to appear on your statement. Please discuss if further clarification is required.


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